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Indian Lean Construction Conference (ILCC) 2023
“Lean Design, Design Management with Lean Construction and Digital
Technology for Decarbonizing Built Environment”
Join us from
27th November, 2023 to 30th November, 2023

Chief Guest
Hon'ble Minister of Road Transport & Highways
Shri Nitin Gadkari
Join us on November 27
It is a great matter of pride that the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi is hosting the Indian Lean Construction Conference - ILCC 2023 from 27th to 30th November 2023. Indian Lean Construction Conferences have a legacy of drawing considerable participation from the construction industry as well as academia from across the globe. It is an opportunity to add another dimension to the ' Design Centric Lean Approach' as we host this event at the design institution of national importance, the SPA-Delhi
The Indian construction industry is one of the largest in the world and the most progressive. The way infrastructure and built environment have witnessed a transformation in recent years is a matter of pride. The challenges in achieving this feat have been no less and the Indian engineering fraternity has served the nation remarkably well.
Now is the time to take the construction industry to the next level where we work towards Net-zero carbon emissions by 2070, announced by our honorable Prime Minister during the COP26 climate summit as a part of national commitments.
To work towards this national resolve, the theme of the conference has been chosen as " Lean Design Management with Lean Construction and Digital Technology for Decarbonizing Built Environment". The Theme evolved from the concern for the mitigation of climate change impacts. Any effort towards Decarbonizing of built environment would serve humanity and the Lean approach is a great way forward for the construction industry.
ILCC 2023 has selected a transformational Lean agenda where Lean Design, Design Management, Lean Construction, and digital Technologies are being synergized towards unified objectives of Decarbonizing the Built Environment.
I extend my best wishes for the success of the conference and a meaningful outcome.
Prof. Yogesh Singh
Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi
 Director (Additional Charge)
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Welcome to ILCC 2023
“Lean Design, Design Management with Lean Construction and Digital Technology for Decarbonizing Built Environment"
The Indian Lean Construction Conference – ILCC 2023 is to be held in New Delhi, India from 27th November 2023 to 30th November, 2023. Continuing with the strong legacy of the past successful ILCC Conferences, the 2023 Conference extends the outreach of Lean Construction Principles into the Design Management paradigm. And hence the theme “Lean Design, Design Management with Lean Construction and Digital Technology for Decarbonizing Built Environment”.
About Institute for Lean Construction Excellence (ILCE)
The Institute for Lean Construction Excellence (ILCE) is a nonprofit entity established in November 2008 focusing on the development and dissemination of lean practices in construction, adding value to all stakeholders through faster and more reliable project delivery and promoting cooperation between academic and research institutions, and industry.
About SPA-New Delhi
The School of Planning and Architecture had a modest beginning in 1941 as a Department of Architecture of Delhi Polytechnic. It was later affiliated to the University of Delhi and integrated with the School of Town and Country Planning which was established in 1955 by the Government of India to provide facilities for rural, urban, and regional planning. On integration, the School was renamed as School of Planning and Architecture in 1959. Recognizing the specialized nature of the fields in which the School had attained eminence, in 1979, the Government of India, through the then Ministry of Education and Culture, conferred on the School of Planning and Architecture the status of Deemed to be a University, With this new status, the School broadened its horizon by introducing new academic and extension programs and promoting research and consultancy activities. It was recognized as an Institute of National Importance under an Act of Parliament in 2015.
The Conference Coordinator at SPA-New Delhi
The Department of Building Engineering and Management, the Conference Host at SPA-New Delhi is in pursuit of Construction Project Management since 1979. Design Management is a specific academic interest endeavored during Masters and Doctoral Research activities. In conjunction with ILCE Conference 2023 theme of Design Management, the sustainability paradigm within the 21st-century environment and climate change challenges have been an integral part of teaching, research, and outreach. The SPA-New Delhi provides a perfect ecosystem of studies in the built environment to host this Conference on Lean Construction focused on early-stage Lean Thinking through Design Management leading to the effectiveness of Lean Construction Principals a notch higher than the Lean Outreach hitherto. The platform of SPA-New Delhi and the host department add a pull- factor to the Design Community of Built Environment i.e. the Architects participate in the Hands-on Lean Ideation Challenge, The Lean Ideation Hackathon, Industry Connect, and Academic Conference events during ILCE Conference 2023.
Legacy of Indian Lean Construction Conference (ILCC)
The legacy of Lean Conferences has thus far established the recognition of Lean Principles in the construction industry in India with the conviction of experience. The lean practicing community has multiplied over the years and Lean Conferences have played a significant role in providing the opportunity to share experiences and share knowledge. The ILCC 2023 builds further on the legacy of past Lean Conferences ILCC 2015, ILCC 2017, ILCC 2019, Lean International Conference IGLC 2018, Lean in Public Sector LIPS 2019, ILCC 2021, and ILCC 2022.
ILCC 2023 aspires to expand its base in terms of the body of knowledge, inclusion of design professionals and focus on the global crisis of Climate Change through ‘Decarbonization’, a natural positive outcome of lean practices'. The theme of ILCCC 2023 is pathbreaking as it ‘now’ unifies the work outcomes of all stakeholders of the AEC industry, i.e. Architects, Design Engineers, Procurement Process Managers and Construction Teams towards ‘Decarbonization, through Lean Principles, facilitated by 21st-century Digital Technology. Ensemble of ideas, professional engagement, and the inclusion of the Climate agenda fostered by the AEC Industry in India is a pathbreaking way forward.
The Lean Practicing community is poised to render Global Leadership in the true sense of “Jagatguru’ by sharing the experiences and work processes with rest of the world in true sense of Vasudhaiva Katumbakam, वसुधैव् कटुंबकम. ILCC 2023 embarks on exploring processes, adaptability, and agility interventions towards creating ‘Lean Design Thinking’ for nurturing Lean Design solutions. Collaborative planning, process improvement, responsive physical solutions and design protocols are opportunities to build customer-centric value chain, eliminating ‘system-wide’ wastes. Integrating ‘Lean Design Thinking’ further with wider connotation of ‘waste’ as a Climate Crisis, the ILCC 2023 embraces the ‘Decarbonization’ as the ‘performance indicator’ for eventual Lean Principles. And, Digital Technologies are inevitable realities to exponentiate the overall efforts. Hence, the theme of ILCC 2023!
From 27th November, 2023 to 30th November, 2023.
NOV 27, 2023
DAY 1 : The Workshop Day
- Hackathon Challenge Scenario
Venue: School Planning of Architecture (SPA), New Delhi
NOV 28, 2023
DAY 2 : The Industry Day 
- Practices Lean in Public Sector
- Fostering Sustainability Through Lean Construction and Design Management
Venue: The Stein Auditorium, Indian Habitat Centre , New Delhi
NOV 29, 2023 &
NOV 30, 2023
ACADEMIC Conference DAYS: DAY 3 (Academic Session/ LIPS Training Workshop)   &  DAY 4 (The Technical Sessions Day)
- Lean Design and Design Management
- Digital Technologies for Lean Design, Design Management and Construction
- Way Forward for Digital Technology Driven Lean Design Processes
- Lean and Decarbonisation Nexus in Built Environment
- Lean Design and Design Management
- Lean Driven Future of Decarbonisation
- Way Forward for Decarbonising Built Environment Through Lean Design and         Construction Practices
Venue: Silver Oak , Indian Habitat Centre , New Delhi
Academic Patron
Prof. K.N. Satyanarayana
Director, IIT Tirupati
Industry Patron
Mr. Anup Mathew
Chairman, ILCE
Conference Chair & Co-Chair
Conference Chair
Prof (Dr.). Virendra Kumar Paul
School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi
Conference Co-Chair
Prof. Koshy Varghese
IIT Madras
Organizing Committee
Prof. Amit Hajela
Director, Architecture Planning and Design Domain, Amity University,
Mr. Kaezad Karanjawala
Secretary General, ILCE
Prof. Arun Chandramohan
NICMAR University
Mr. Ashutosh Manchanda
Advisory Committee - ILCE Board of Directors
Mr. Anup Mathew
Godrej Construction
Mr. Akhil Gupta
Shapoorji Pallonji
Mr. Sagar Gandhi
Shapoorji Pallonji
Mr. R. Shankar Narayanan
L & T Construction
Mr. Harleen Oberoi
Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd, Tata Housing
Mr. Giridhar Rajagopalan
Mr. Debasish Guha
Arcop Associates
Mr. Devarajan Chinnusamy
URC Construction
Mr. Puneet Narang
Partner, KPMG in India
Dr. Koshy Varghese
IIT Madras
Lean In Public Sector (LIPS) Steering Committee

Amr Abdel-Azim
Chairman, LIPS Steering Committee, Senior Architect at MSU
Dr. Zofia K. Rybkowski
Department of Construction Science at Texas A&M University
Tariq Abdelhamid
Chief Lean PO, Associate Professor of Lean Construction
Ronan McGlade
Communications Consultant & Managing Director of BoxMedia
Luis F. Alarcón
School of Engineering of the Catholic University of Chile
Mr. Alan Mossman
Principal , The change Business
Technical Committee For Papers And Posters  
Mr. Puneet Narang
Prof. Koshy Varghese
IIT Madras
Prof. Anil Sawhney
Prof. Ashwin Mahalingam
 IIT Madras
Dr. Albert Thomas
IIT Bombay
Dr. Ritika Batra Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany
Dr. Chaitali Basu
UWE, Bristol,UK
Prof. Vekatesan Renganaidu NICMAR
Dr. Shweta         Manchanda   
SPA-New Delhi
Dr. V. Senthil Kumar
IIT Palakkad
Dr. Jeetika Malik Postdoctoral Researcher, Berkeley Lab
Prof. Venkata Santosh Kumar , IIT Bombay
Vishal Singh
Dr. Jyoti Trivedi
CEPT University
Prof.Arun Chandramohan 
NICMAR, Hyderabad
Col (Dr.) Pawan Pandey PoP, IIT Delhi

Prof. Raghavan N, Ex ILCE Director, Ex Prof IIT Madras

Prof. Kumar Neeraj Jha, IIT Delhi
Prof Dr. Deepak Bajaj 
FRICS, RICS Amity Univ
Mr. Kalyan Vaidyanathan, Bentley Systems

Dr. Shobha Ramalingam NICMAR University

Dr. Bhargav Dave VisiLean Ltd.

Dr. Ritu Ahuja
Lean Integration Leader, Kinetic Construction, Canada

Dr. Laishram Boeing Singh,
Dr. Ganesh Devkar Sr. Associate Professor, CEPT University
Dr. Murali Jagannathan
IIT Madras
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